The Master Plan will define a vision for what Pioneer Park should be and guide its future development, operations, and management to best serve the community and its visitors.

Final Draft Plan Available!


Thank you for your input on the Draft Mater Plan; changes have been made based on what you told us. 


The Pioneer Park Master Plan is being reviewed by commissions and will go before the Planning Commission and Borough Assembly for final approval.  Thank you for your support! 

The Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) is developing a Master Plan for Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is a valued historical and recreational resource for the Fairbanks community. Residents have experienced and enjoyed the park’s attractions for decades, having seen it gradually change and evolve into what it is today.


Since the Park’s origination in 1967, some changes have occurred, including a name change from the former “Alaskaland”, but many of the facilities need improvements and substantial updates to comply with current safety guidelines. FNSB is seeking ways to manage, and fund those updates while also improving the park experience for visitors.

The Borough wants to know what could be better or difference about the park and we invite you to participate in this Master Plan Process! Your input will directly shape the recommendations made in the Plan and the future of Pioneer Park.

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Missed the meeting on August 12th? It's not too late to learn about the draft Master Plan Concept and recommendations for the future Pioneer Park!


Thank you for letting us know about your experience and contribute to the Master Planning process!


Have suggestions or see opportunities for Pioneer Park? We want to hear from you

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