Pioneer Park Playground Concept Plan-1.j

Pioneer Park Playground Concept, 2020

The Master Plan is scheduled for public review and approval in September, 2021

The Master Plan will identify a vision for what Pioneer Park should be, and will provide actionable recommendations for how it should operate to best serve the needs of Fairbanks residents and visitors.

Pioneer Park is a 44-acre historic Alaskan theme park located in the heart of the FNSB. The Park features a variety of popular open public spaces, playgrounds, historical exhibits, cultural activities, and museums that are enjoyed year-round by approximately 300,000 patrons annually. Pioneer Park is one of Interior Alaska's most iconic destinations. The FNSB Parks and Recreation Department manages the property and includes an assortment of independent vendors and organizations, providing goods and services and enhancing the character of the facility.

The Master Plan will serve as the primary guide for decision making about the Park's future. It will address basic deferred maintenance and economic sustainability for the park as well as a strategic vision to drive revenue, growth, and engagement in the park. The Master Plan development process will include a park user survey, public engagement workshops, meetings with an appointed Advisory Committee, and development of a solid business strategy to achieve and sustain the community's vision.