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Approved Master Plan

The approved Pioneer Park Master Plan is now posted!

Over the past year the project team has been working with FNSB Staff, Pioneer Park stakeholders, an Advisory Committee, and the public to develop this actionable plan to create a future Park that reflects the community's desires. The Master Plan was developed during virtual public meetings and was shaped by community feedback.

The Master Plan was approved by the Borough Assembly on November 10, 2021 as Resolution No 2021-43.


View the Pioneer Park Master Plan in its entirety!

      Master Plan Contents     

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Existing Conditions

Chapter 3: Master Plan Process

Chapter 4: Master Plan

Chapter 5: Implementation 

Chapter 4 of the Master Plan defines a long-term vision for what the Park should be and provides actionable recommendations for how it may best serve the needs of Fairbanks residents and visitors, now and into the future. It embodies the community’s desires to gather, learn, play and celebrate in an engaging public space that honors the region’s heritage. 

The Master Plan is presented in three phases:
1. Stabilize, Preserve + Prepare

2. Reinforce, Develop + Grow

3. Diversify + Expand

        Master Plan Overview Video       

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